1. Are you new to yoga and meditation?
  2. Are you a “former” meditator/ yogi who lost your practice along the way?
  3. Are you interested in yoga and meditation but don’t know where to begin?
  4. Do you want a safe and welcoming environment for exploring the basics?
  5. Would you like a take-home practical toolkit for bringing yoga and meditation in your life?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then INTRODUCTION TO YOGA AND MEDITATION is for you.


Experience a beautiful weekend immersion in yoga and meditation with Megha at Kripalu Center in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.  This program is accessible to everyone and will include:
  • Daily sequential guided yoga experiences
  • Pranayama (breath techniques) to calm the nervous system and steady the mind
  • A sampler of five meditation techniques: seated breath awareness, walking meditation, chanting, meditation-in-motion, and metta (loving-kindness) meditation
  • Daily immersion in deep relaxation
  • A take-home practice sequence
* Included in this program is Megha’s CD “Moontides.”  It will be gifted to you at the end of the program and will become a part of your take home practice.
Come experience for yourself the amazing range of benefits that yoga and meditation have to offer in this relaxing, renewing, inspiring weekend. Introducing yoga and meditation to the newcomer is Megha’s specialty. A director of Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training for 7 years, Megha teaches thousands of people each year. If you are worried that you “can’t” meditate, Megha will help you.
Experience an hour long gentle yoga-qigong class with me in the comfort of your own home!
This class contaIns everything I want to see in a yoga class: Yoga breathing (pranayama), poetry meditation, warm ups (pratapana), postures flowing into qigong practice, relaxation, and final meditation.