Teacher Training

Take your love of Let Your Yoga Dance® one step further by becoming a certified Let Your Yoga Dance® instructor. 

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Let Your Yoga Dance®  Teacher Training is a powerful, joyous training. Megha has been training teachers for almost thirty years; she has developed her own unique training system which inspires rather than demeans, enriches rather than frightens her students. Her intention is to build up the spirit and self-esteem in each one of her trainees so that they experience their unique brilliance, then - in turn - offer their gifts back out to the world.  The training is an inquiry into becoming the very best instructor of Let Your Yoga Dance® that one can be.
Participants get to know their body and the chakras in a brand new way. Their relationship to music will never be the same. They will experience the art of being a transformational teacher. All this is created in a safe and loving environment. Trainees receive tools not only for being a v educator, but will continue to receive gifts and tools after graduation for as long as they wish. 

Let Your Yoga Dance®  Module 1:

Mod 1 is all about the science and method of Let Your Yoga Dance® and its applications. You will learn (through some lecture and vast experience) all about the chakra system and how it relates to a Let Your Yoga Dance® class. You will dance through the chakras and receive a tremendous music library. You will learn how different kinds of music relate to the chakras while it weaves through the class. To become certified, Module 1 must be taken first, then followed by Module 2

Let Your Yoga Dance®  Module 2:

Mod 2 is an outgrowth of the chakra-yoga-dance-music-movement methodology that is learned in Mod 1. You will practice at home between the two parts, so when you return to complete the training, you will have tremendous confidence and all the tools you need to succeed. This learning environment is under the umbrella of compassion for self and for other. No competition. Kindness is key. The graduation ceremony, complete with diploma certifying you as a Let Your Yoga Dance® instructor, is deeply moving.

Let Your Yoga Dance®  Complete Training:

The Complete Training consists of both Module 1 and Module 2. This is for you if you want to do it all at once and save some pennies. This training is intense so be prepared to do some pre-training homework!

What People Are Saying

This training was extremely powerful. We were given a tremendous amount of tools to share this work with the world. Let Your Yoga Dance really is “Healing through Joy!”
~ Adam F, NYC, May 2019

I have taken trainings and workshops for over 50 years. Let Your Yoga Dance Teacher Training is absolutely the best program I have ever taken in my life! It was just grand! Megha is magic. I am thrilled that with Megha’s teacher’s association and free conference calls awaiting us after graduation, the training will continue year after year long into the future. I am honored to be a Let Your Yoga Dance instructor!
~ Dian R, May 2019

Dear Kripalu Trustees,

….As I deal with my mother’s passing, I’m writing to share with you one of those graceful experiences at Kripalu that opened me to receive and appreciate a gift...

Recently we transitioned my mother into hospice care...we recognized that she was nearing the end of her life. I had been invited to attend a morning of “Dance Prayers,” during Megha’s Let Your Yoga Dance teacher training program. I will forever cherish the gift of that day. In the safe, witnessing container that Megha had established among the participants, I connected deeply with myself in a way that does not often happen...I touched something much larger than myself... I offered a dance prayer to my mother...all was forgiven, all was love. Later, I returned to my mother’s bedside in time to say goodbye, still held in that experience. In the days since her death, in both my waking hours and in my dreams, I have often revisited that experience with profound gratitude…
~ Barbara Vacaar, CEO Kripalu Center 2018