Let Your Yoga Dance - with Megha!

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In Your Home!​


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Bring the beautiful practice of Let Your Yoga Dance into your home on a newly released video (MP4): Let Your Yoga Dance with Megha!

Megha brings this joy-filled dance of power and grace, combining gentle yoga and user-friendly dance with breath, meditation in motion and beautiful music into your own home. Megha created this practice over two decades ago and she’s been teaching it world-wide at retreats, conferences and more. Now her unique, joy-based transformational movement practice is available for download, so you can dance your yoga whenever and wherever the spirit moves you.

Let Your Yoga Dance with Megha! encourages you to:

  • Dance and move your yoga in this hour-long class
  • Boost your joy from the comfort of your own home
  • Delight in the 15 songs taking you through a complete Let Your Yoga Dance experience
  • Travel through the chakras with movement and music
  • Awaken your Spirit, Mind, Body, and Heart
  • Discover the beauty of your body
  • Enjoy the fabulous music of Karen Drucker and Linda Worster

Our Cost: $20.00

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