Let Your Yoga Dance® Teacher Training for Special Populations at Discovery Yoga


Friday, March 31, 2017 to Friday, April 7, 2017


  • Discovery Yoga - St. Augustine, FL


EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT - $650 when if you register by February 1

Special Discount - two extra training days for the price of one day!

Let Your Yoga Dance for Special PopulationsStrike while the Iron’s Hot! Come down to sunny, warm St Augustine, Florida and learn to teach Let Your Yoga Dance® in and out of chairs to people with special needs: People with Parkinsons, MS, the elderly, people with arthritis, depression, those healing from cancer and/ or undergoing chemotherapy. This 7-day training is for body-centered teachers of yoga dance, yoga, nurses, bodyworkers, physical therapists, MDs, special-ed teachers, educators.

Let Your Yoga Dance® Teacher Training for Special Populations will teach you to:

  • Serve people who need and want to move their bodies but are hindered due to illness, pain, lack of mobility
  • Study, practice, and teach appropriate yoga-breathing techniques for this population
  • Discover creative ways to dance your yoga in chairs and to teach it to your students
  • Heighten your sensitivity to the emotional and mental needs of special populations
  • Slow down so that your students never feel rushed or pushed
  • Work with Balance, learn to stay grounded
  • Treat your students with respect and care, promoting dignity and self-confidence
  • Increase your music library with appropriate music for your students
  • Understand the power that Music has upon the Brain
  • Utilize the 7 chakras (the energy centers of the body) as a roadmap for your classes
  • Increase your movement vocabulary so you can easily offer new sequences to your students
  • Practice-teach and mentor fellow participants in the dance of yoga
  • Facilitate during sharing time after the practice classes
  • Observe your emotions and steady your mind and energy field
  • Be compassionate and sensitive to the unique needs of this population

Note:  In order to receive a diploma, students must take Let Your Yoga Dance Teacher Training, Module 1, either before or after Special Populations training. Because the tuition is very low – with two extra days added for this one time, there will be an additional $10 fee for the newly edited and completely revised manual.

Please bring:

An IPOD and a laptop if you have one, or a small CD player. You will receive a CD to practice with on opening night.


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